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the BAC Legacy

Over 50 years ago, Betty Balflour Marks had a vision to create a place were young people could go to learn the art of dance in a safe and encouraging environment, where dancers not only learned proper dance technique but were encouraged to develop their passion for dance.  That vision became Ballet Arts Centre.  For the past 36 years her daughter Beth Marks carried on her mother's vision and grew Ballet Arts Centre into one of the most respected dance schools in Jacksonville.  In 2011 Beth met Sydney Keister Phelps, a young woman that reminded her a lot of herself.  Beth admired Sydney's passion for dance and teaching practices and hired her to teach her advanced ballet and modern classes.  Beth's admiration for Sydney grew and in 2015 she passed the torch on to Sydney.  Sydney is committed to carry on with the legacy of Betty and Beth and continue to provide the utmost dance training in Jacksonville. 

                             To contact Beth Marks, you can email her at

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