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Ballet Arts Centre offers technique classes in Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acrobatics and more. Classes are taught in a positive and encouraging format that is dedicated to developing the dancer’s passion for dance and movement. 

At BAC private lessons are highly encouraged for those dancers wishing to take their technique to the next level. If private lessons interests your dancer please email TODAY to schedule. 

Ballet Arts Centre dancers in the Jacksonville Community

Hair should always be confined away from the face and must be in a tight bun for ballet classes.

All Ballet Classes - dancers are required to wear pink ballet shoes, pink tights and a solid colored leotard.  Ballet skirts are allowed.


Ballet 3 - Ballet/Pointe 6 - dancers are required to wear only black leotards. Ballet skirts are allowed. 


Boys/Men Ballet - Black tights, jazz pants or bike shorts with a fitted white


Jazz, Modern and Acrobatics - dancers are required to wear a leotard, tights, leggings, bike shorts and the proper shoes for the class. Tight fitting coverups may be worn over the leotard. No 2 piece dance attire allowed where tummies will be shown.

Tap and Hip-Hop - dancers can wear a leotard, camisole or t-shirt, tights, leggings, jeggings, bike shorts and the proper shoes for the class. No 2 piece dance attire allowed where tummies will be shown.



All Ballet - Eurotard Coupé or Passé - Pink

Men/Boys Ballet - Canvas Ballet in black

All Jazz - Bloch Elasta Bootie Jazz Shoe in tan                    

Tap 1 & 2 - Bloch/Capezio Patent Tap Shoes in black

Tap B & C and Male dancers - Bloch Flex Tap lace up in black

Acrofunk - Capezio Gym Shoes in black


Hip Hop B & C - Performance shoe will be decided on prior to the recital. Dancers may wear sneakers or jazz shoes during the year. 

Modern and Acro B & C - No shoes


Ballet Arts Centre Elite dancer

BAC2 Elite Dancer Program


BAC2 Elite Dancer Program is a comprehensive training curriculum for dancers ages 11-18. This program is primarily for those dancers who want to take their performance quality and knowledge of dance to a higher level.

The BAC2 Elite Dancer Program will help prepare dancers to succeed in auditions, summer intensive programs, middle school, high school and college dance programs, as well as the professional world.

BAC2 Elite dancers will work with experienced teachers and guest artists, exposing the dancers to varied teaching and choreographic styles.

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